Configuring Navigation Settings

Once you have created a mobile user account, you can use the account to sign in to Navigation, provided that:

Your account has the option key for Navigation enabled. If not, contact your Verizon Connect support representative.
Navigation is enabled in the mobile user account. For details see below.

You can specify Navigation default values globally for all your accounts using the Settings screen in the platform, or edit the settings of individual accounts from the Drivers dialog box. Some settings can also be controlled by the driver from within the Navigation app. Settings within the app take precedence over settings of individual driver accounts, which, in turn, take precedence over global account settings.

To reduce administrative time and effort, it is recommended that you configure the Navigation settings globally for all subuser accounts and edit individual account settings on a case-by-case basis via the Drivers dialog box, or on the Navigation app itself.

Navigation Settings

The settings available on the Settings screen and on the Drivers dialog box are:

Navigation - Specifies whether to use Navigation North America Edition, Navigation Global Edition, all editions, or to turn Navigation off.
Allow Driver Override of Routing Behavior - Specifies whether or not drivers are allowed to change the routing behavior settings (for example, allowing u-turns) on their mobile device and override the defaults set for the account.
Announce Speed Alerts - Specifies whether or not the driver should be audibly alerted every 60 seconds when the speed is more than 5% higher than the allowed speed limit. When this option is disabled, audible alerts are turned off, but speeding alerts are still displayed on the screen.
Night Mode - Specified if the screen display should change to make it easier to read when driving at night: the amount of light displayed on the screen is reduced and the colors are changed to increase the contrast. This can be turned on or off, or set to "Automatic", to automatically switch night mode on at sunset and switch it off at sunrise.

Setting Global Options

Global account settings can be configured using the following steps:

1.Click the signed-in account name in the upper right corner of the platform interface to open the settings menu.

2.Click Settings. The Settings dialog box opens.
3.Select the Mobile Defaults tab and scroll to see the Navigation section:

4.Modify the navigation settings and click Save.

Setting Individual Options

User settings can be configured for specific mobile users (drivers) using the following steps:

1.Open the left Main menu section, then click Drivers. The Drivers tab opens.

2.Click a driver's name under the Name column. The Edit Driver dialog box opens.
3.Select the Mobile tab and scroll to see the Navigation section:

4.Modify the navigation settings and click Save.