Adding InSight Alerts to Scorecards

Scorecard metrics can be made up of KPIs or InSight Alerts or both.

To create an InSight Alert and add it to your scorecard:

1.Create an InSight Alert.
2.Wait for 24 hours.
3.Add the InSight Alert to your Scorecard

Creating an InSight Alert

To create an InSight Alert that can be added to a scorecard:

1.From the Tasks section of the navigation menu choose Setup InSight Alert.
2.Select an existing InSight Alert or click Create.
3.On the Parameters tab select the Add Alert to Scorecard check box. If you want to be able to assign a score to the alert on your scorecard, you must select Item Type "Fleet" and Fleet "Active", or Item Type "Team" and Team "All". Otherwise, the number of vehicles or drivers that this alert applies to is too small to calculate a fair score from.

4.Change any other InSight Alert settings as required.
5.Click Save in the lower right corner.

Adding an InSight Alert to a Scorecard

To add the InSight Alert you created above to a scorecard:

1.From the Dashboards section of the navigation bar choose Scorecards.
2.Select an existing scorecard and click Settings, or click Add Scorecard.
3.Ensure Add Alert is selected. If the button says Add KPI, select "Add Alert" from the drop-down list.
4.Click Add Alert.
5.Select the InSight Alert that you have just added from the drop-down list under Name.

6.Change any other settings or add more InSight Alerts, if required.
7.Click Save.