Tabs and List Views

Most of the information for tracking the progress of your drivers against their assigned jobs is shown using the tabs and lists that Verizon Connect® Response™ adds to your map list views.

While you can always run a route report or check a job history to see what your drivers did in servicing the jobs assigned to them, the map list views let you track the progress of your field agents in real time:

The Jobs list shows all of your current jobs (jobs that are assigned to routes that start or end today, plus unassigned jobs). It provides a useful starting point for creating ad-hoc jobs and for dispatching jobs to drivers.
The Gantt chart tab allows you to track the detailed progress of your currently scheduled jobs.
The Control Room tab shows you the status of jobs and routes using simple visual charts.

In addition, some of the non-Dynamic Response Suite list views are augmented when you have Response:

The vehicles list can be configured to show the jobs assigned to a vehicle's driver, with a quick indication of whether the vehicle arrived on time.
You can use the history layer to view both the actual progress of your vehicles and the routes you have planned.