What's New

Welcome to the What's New page.

This topic lists information about previous releases of the Verizon Connect® Spotlight™ mobile app, and what has been improved and/or fixed in recent releases.

The current release is 1.15. Information regarding this release can be found below.

Verizon Connect® Spotlight™ v1.15

New Features and Enhancements

Added associated driver details to the Vehicles list, and vehicle details to the associated driver on the Driver list.
Added Idle, Drive, and Stopped times to the History Summary Card.
Improved the layout of text in some languages.
Improved marker distribution in the web and Android versions of the app.


Verizon Connect® Spotlight™ v1.14

New Features and Enhancements

Added toggles to the upper right corner of all maps to switch between standard and satellite views , and for enabling or disabling the visibility of markers on the map.
Added vehicle speed details to the Vehicles and Driver details screens.


Verizon Connect® Spotlight™ v1.13

New Features and Enhancements

Added support for all vehicles statuses, including "Moving", "Stopped", "Working", "Idle", "No Signal", "Private", and "Reporting"; and added icons that represent each of these vehicle statuses. These icons are shown on the map, in list views, and when viewing histories.
Added near real-time data display to the app. Vehicle and driver details are now updated every 60 seconds..
Updated the appearance of marker icons shown on the map.

Bug Fixes / Technical Release Notes

Fixed a bug that stopped pages from scrolling correctly.
Corrected a permissions fault that stopped the driver of a vehicle being shown to accounts that had permission to see the vehicle.
Fixed a fault that could stop the sign in page showing translated text.
Fixed a bug on iOS devices that caused vehicles to be shown as "Unknown" on the Activity screen.


Verizon Connect® Spotlight™ v1.12

New Features and Enhancements

Added support for German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, Spanish, Czech, Dutch, Lithuanian, and Polish user interface languages. These languages are configured from the Verizon Connect fleet management platform. See this knowledge base article for configuration details.
Added new vehicle status icons.

Bug Fixes / Technical Release Notes

Fixed a bug that allowed accounts without suitable rights to view drivers.
Fixed an issue that stopped map marker outlines drawing correctly on the marker details page in previous Android versions of the app.
Corrected a fault that could cause the app to crash on devices using iOS 9.
Fixed as cosmetic bug when viewing a map.