Downloading New and Updated Map Data

The maps used in this mobile application can be saved to your device, so that you can get directions even when you are offline. Alternatively, you can use offboard maps, which are stored on Verizon Connect servers and require an internet connection to access. You can start using offboard maps straight away.

If you want to use onboard maps, you need to download and install the map data before you can use them. After that, you need to update your maps occasionally, so that you have the most up-to-date road information.


On devices with SD card support, you can choose to download your map data from an SD card. Contact Verizon Connect support if you want to use this feature.


You must be connected to a WiFi network to download or update your map data.

Depending on your connection speed, downloading and updating maps can take a significant amount of time. If you need to download or update a map, we recommend beginning that process at least several hours before you need to use the data.

When you download or update a map, you can pause, resume, or cancel the download, if needed, by using the links available on the Download page for the particular map data. To go there, tap on the map data you are  downloading on the Map Data page.

Downloading and Installing Map Data

1.Tap the Menu icon , then tap Map Data.
2.From the All Maps tab, find the map region you want to use in the list, then do either of these actions:
oTap the Download icon next to the map region.
oTap the name of the map data to open its Download screen, then tap Download Data.
3.The amount of time it takes to download this data varies, depending on the size of the map data you selected and your download speed. You can check the status of the download on the Download page for the map data (tap on the map data you are downloading).

When downloading map data for the map region you want, the All Maps tab may show that data for other regions is being downloaded at the same time. This is because, in some cases, the map data you are downloading includes small Signage and Junction View updates for other map regions.


4.When the download completes, the map data is automatically installed when you visit the Map Data page.
5.A check mark displays next to the map data on the Map Data page when the download and installation is complete.

Updating Map Data

Use the Refresh button on the Map Data screen to check and download updates for the maps on your device. If updates are available, the application displays on screen instructions for downloading and installing them.

The update process calculates the available storage on your device. If there is enough space, the update process retains the existing map data until the update completes so that you can continue using the maps. If space is limited, you might need to delete some map data before you can download updates.

Follow these steps to check for updates and download them to your device

1.Sign in to the Navigation mobile application on your device.
2.Tap the Menu icon , then tap Map Data.
3.On the Map Data screen, tap On This Device to see the installed map data.
4.Tap the Refresh icon to check for updates.
5.If updates are available, view them by tapping Delete Data and Continue in the message prompt.
6.On the updated Map Data screen, view the available updates, tap a map data set entry to view download details, and download the data.


oTo download all updates at one time, tap Download All Updates. Choose this option if you have plenty of storage space on your device, and you have time to wait for all updates to be downloaded.
oTo download updates individually, tap the Download icon next to the map data to download. Choose this option if you have limited storage space on your device, and you want to download the updates incrementally when you are not using the Navigation application.

Viewing Map Data Available on Your Device

1.Tap the Menu icon , then tap Map Data.
2.Tap the On This Device tab.
3.This page lists each map that is currently installed on the device.

You can also view installed map data from the Settings menu by tapping the Menu icon > Settings.

Deleting a Map

1.Tap the Menu icon , then tap Map Data.
2.Find the map data you want to delete, and tap to select it.
3.Tap Delete Data to remove all data for that map.

Receiving Road Edits

Occasionally, Verizon Connect might make road edits to close or open particular road segments. Changes like this are automatically uploaded to your device if a WiFi or cellular connection is available.

When routing to a destination, the changes to the road segment are taken into consideration. For example, the road segment is avoided, if the segment has changed to be closed.

To check if a road edit file is on your device, tap the Menu icon , then tap Settings. If a road edit file has been added, it is listed in the lower part of the screen.