Viewing Trip Classifications

From the Main section of the navigation bar choose Trips, then click the Classification tab to view your drivers' trips and the classifications that the drivers have assigned to their trips with the Trips app.

Trips can be classified via the Trips app only. You cannot classify trips via the Verizon Connect platform.

You can reduce the number or trips displayed on the Classification tab as follows:

Use the hierarchy filter next to the Settings button to view trip details according to node.
Use the Group By selector to group the trips by Drivers or Vehicles.
Use the date pickers to display trips within a specified date range.
Filter the trips by Driver name, Vehicle name, Classification ("Unclassified", "Business", or "Personal"), or Purpose. Click the Advanced Filter button to display the filter category fields. To reset the filter, click the "x" in the Filter field.


The Dashboard displays the following information for the selected trips:

A summary listing:
oThe number of trips for each classification ("Personal", "Business", and "Unclassified").
oThe total distance of the trips for each classification.
oThe percentage of trips for each classification.
A graph displaying the percentage of each trip classification per driver. Click an Order By classification button to order the bars of the graph by the percentage of the selected classification. The bar for the driver with the highest percentage of the selected classification  is displayed on the left of the graph.  

The table in the lower part of the screen shows the following details for each trip:

Location - Start and end location of the trip.
Time - The time the trip was started.
Vehicle - The vehicle name.
Classification - The trip's classification. By default, trips are "Unclassified". Drivers can classify trips within the Trips mobile app and select "Personal" or "Business". When a trip's edit time has expired, it is automatically classified as "Personal".
Classified By - The person who classified this trip. If a driver classified the trip from within the Trips mobile app, the column displays "Driver". If the trip was classified automatically, the column displays "System".
Time Until Expiry - The time remaining until the trip record can no longer be edited, if an edit time limit has been specified. Shown in days or hours, or as "Expired" if the trip's edit time window has closed. This column is hidden by default.
Purpose - For trips that have been classified as "Business", drivers can optionally select a purpose.
Notes - Optional notes about the trip that the driver has added from Trips.
Distance - The length of the trip in miles or kilometers, depending on your account settings.
Duration - The driving time of the trip.