Setting Up Team View Users

The Coach mobile app has a feature that allows users to see ranks and scores for the entire team instead of for individual users.

To grant users access to the team view feature:

1.From the Tasks section of the navigation bar choose Roles. The Roles screen opens.
2.Click the name of the role that users have who are allowed to access the team view. Or click Create to set up a new role.
3.Select the Rights tab in the right panel.
4.Select the check box next to Show all Rights.

5.Scroll down to the Coach section and set Team Leader View access in Coach mobile application to "Allowed".

6.Click Save.
7.From the Tasks section of the navigation bar choose Subusers. The Subusers screen opens.

8.For each user who should have access to the team view: Click the user's name. The Edit user dialog box opens.
9.Select the Rights tab and ensure that the role is listed in the Roles section. If it is not, click in the Click to add Roles space and enter part of the role's name. As you type, a drop-down list opens, listing the role names that match your entered text. Select a role from the list. The role badge is displayed in the Roles section.