Screen Layout

The following screenshot shows the screen layout for this product:


Navigation bar: Consists of expandable menu items. Click a menu item to expand or collapse its selectable options. Click a selectable option to open that screen in the main working frame.

Click the Show/Hide control to show or hide the Navigation bar:


Favorites menu: Customizable options that let you navigate quickly to the screens you use most often.


Screen tabs: Tabs that let you quickly switch between the screens you are using. When you navigate to a screen, the corresponding tabbed page opens, or a new tab is added for the screen. Click the "X" on the tab to close it.


Main working frame: The main display area. All major functions occur in the main frame.


Version Information: Information identifying the version of this product you are viewing. Use this information when reporting problems to support.


Date and Time: The current date and time.


User name: The name of the user who signed in is shown in the upper right corner. Click this text to open a drop-down menu where you can sign out, adjust the default font size used on screens, or open the settings panel.

Customizing the Favorites Menu

To customize the options in your Favorites menu, click a menu item to expand it. Hover over a selectable option that you want to add to your Favorites menu, then click the Favorites Star that is displayed. The option is added to your Favorites menu, and the star appears solid, instead of an outline.

To remove an option from your Favorites menu, click the solid star beside it in the Favorites menu, or in the option's expandable menu.

Searching Within the Menu

To find a specific item in the main menu, begin typing the name of the feature or page (for example, 'Map' or 'Drivers') in the Find field directly above the menu. As you type, the menu updates to show only items that either fully or partially match your search text. You can also select the Find field using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K and then begin typing your search text.

Customizing Font Size and Signing Out

To change the size of the text on all screens, open the account drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the screen. From here you can choose one of three font sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. You can also click Single Sign On to configure your platform SSO settings, Settings to open the Settings dialog box, or click Sign Out to sign out of the system.


Font size: Change the font size used for text. Choose Small, Medium, or Large.


Settings: Open the settings dialog box and adjust the default settings of your individual user account.


Single Sign On: Open the Single Sign On dialog box and adjust your SSO settings.


Sign Out: Sign out of the system.