Checking Your Software Version

To check which fleet management package version you are using and, if your account includes the correct option, set a default version to use when signing in, open the Version menu in the upper right corner of the screen:

When contacting support, use your mouse to select and then copy this text, and include it with your message. If you have the correct rights, clicking this text open a menu showing both your current version of the fleet management package, and any alternative version that you can use:

You might see only some of the options shown in the screenshot above depending on your account settings and product subscriptions.

Set Default Version

If your account has been configured with suitable rights, you can set the default version that is used whenever you log in. In the example above, two versions are available: Current and New. Select one of the versions to open the Fleet Version dialog box. Select OK to set that version as your default. You are then logged out. When you next log in, your new default version is loaded.