Swapping Subscriptions and Retiring Vehicles

The Manage Your Fleet screen is used to retire vehicles from service, freeing up additional subscriptions. This screen is also used to retire and unretire vehicles, including OEM vehicles with embedded hardware, and to swap subscriptions between vehicles.

If you swap hardware from one vehicle to another, the donor vehicle is retired (no longer licensed) and no longer reports details to the fleet tracking software. Historical GPS data is not deleted, however. If you do not swap the hardware but instead retire the vehicle, the hardware is instead shelved with its current license. The hardware can then be installed and used on another vehicle.


Retiring vehicles or swapping subscriptions does not affect your billing as all subscriptions remain active, even when not used. To stop billing, or to change your subscription, a cancellation request is required. The contact details of your support team are shown on the Overview tab.

Retiring Vehicles and Swapping Subscriptions

To retire a vehicle making its license available to swap to a new vehicle, or to swap a vehicle's current license with another vehicle, use the following procedure.

Note that OEM and AEMP vehicles with pre-paid subscriptions cannot swap to aftermarket hardware units or to other OEM vehicles.


1.Click the Manage Your Fleet tab, or click the Manage Your Fleet link on the Vehicles & Services section of the Overview tab. The Manage Your Fleet tab opens.

2.Locate the vehicle you want to swap a license from, or retire, in the lower vehicle grid. To sort vehicles click any column header, or enter the vehicle details such as its name, model, or VIN into the Filter field.

3.Click the Retire / Swap link to the right of the vehicle. The Retire / Swap Vehicle dialog box opens.

oTo retire the vehicle, freeing its license to be assigned at a later time to a different vehicle, click the Retire Vehicle button. The vehicle is retired immediately, and the Retire / Swap link beside the vehicle name in the grid is replaced with an Un-retire link. You can use this link to quickly un-retire (reactivate) the vehicle in the future. The retirement process is complete and you do not need to complete the following steps.
oTo swap the license from the selected vehicle to a different vehicle, click the Swap Vehicle button. The Swap Vehicle screen opens.
oOEM vehicles with pre-paid subscriptions cannot be swapped.
oIveco vehicles cannot be managed in My Account. Management of these vehicles must be performed from the My Iveco portal.
oGM vehicles require a Fleet Account Number (FAN) to be managed in My Account.


4.Enter the details of the vehicle that you are swapping the installed hardware to, in the text fields to the right of the Swap Vehicle screen.

Name - The vehicle's name or tag.
Driver - The name of the vehicle's driver.
Install Type - The hardware install type being used (for example Xirgo or Hino).
VIN - The vehicle's unique 17-character Vehicle Identification Number, or chassis number.
Registration - The license plate details of the vehicle.
Make - The manufacturer of the vehicle.
Model - The model of vehicle.
Year - The year of manufacture of the vehicle.

The hardware used by the vehicle you are swapping the license from is selected by default in the lower hardware grid, and does not need to be changed. However, if you wish to swap the vehicle's subscription, and also use new hardware with it, you can select new hardware from the hardware grid at this point. For information about how the 'Status' of a device is determined, see here.


5.Click the Swap Vehicle button. The old vehicle is retired, and the new vehicle is added to the fleet tracking system and associated with the existing hardware. This process may take some time.