Unretiring Vehicles

If you have previously retired a vehicle to free up its subscription license, you can follow the "unretirement" process described below to return the vehicles to service. Note that a license must be available before you can return a previously-retired vehicle to active service, and this license must support the asset type:

1.Click the Manage Your Fleet tab, or click Overview tab > Vehicles & Service section > Manage Your Fleet link. The Manage Your Fleet tab opens.

2.Locate the vehicle you want to return to service in the lower vehicle grid. To sort vehicles click any column header, or enter the vehicle details such as its name, model, or VIN into the Filter field.

3.Click the Un-retire link to the right of the vehicle. The Un-retire Vehicle screen opens.


For information about how the 'Status' of a device is determined, see here.


4.Select the hardware you want to use in the vehicle you are reactivating from the hardware grid. To sort hardware click any column header, or filter the hardware using the Filter field. Click the Only show available hardware toggle to filter the list so it shows only hardware that is available for installation (that is, not already assigned to a vehicle).

5.Click the Un-retire button in the lower right corner of the screen. In the dialog box that opens click the Un-retire Vehicle button to confirm the action. The Verify Signal screen opens, and the fleet management system verifies the connection with the selected hardware over the network. The vehicle's ignition must be on, and the vehicle must be within mobile network range, to complete the step. If you are not currently with the vehicle, you can install a mobile app to your phone from this screen, or enter your mobile phone number to receive a message that contains a link to use on your phone to test connectivity with the vehicle.

6.Click Finish when the connection is verified. The vehicle is un-retired, and the hardware you selected is now associated with the vehicle in the fleet management system.