PTO or Sensor Reports

PTO or sensor reports list the activity reported by inputs for a vehicle or fleet.

If you are using the newer Create Reports dialog box, there is a single type for these reports, which is filtered by the Report By option. If you are using the older Create Reports dialog box, there are two types of PTO or sensor reports:

Detailed by Vehicle: lists sensor activity for a specified vehicle.
Detailed by Fleet: lists sensor activity for every vehicle in a specified fleet.

sensor report

Which inputs can be included in the report and the specific input readings that get reported depend on how you configure the inputs on the vehicle. These might reflect certain states of the input, readings above or below a threshold value, or the times when an input reading changes. If the report output format is HTML, the Hide stops at known locations check box is displayed. This restricts the view to only those readings that did not occur at a marker.

Report Settings

The options specific to PTO or Sensor reports that you can set are as follows:

Fleet (and possibly Vehicle): Which vehicles should be shown in the report.
Category: The category of marker for which you can restrict the view.
Sensor Activity Time:  The minimum time (in minutes) that reports of sensor activity must persist to be included in the report.
Sensor Input Filter: If enabled, the report only gives information about activity from the specified input.
One Item per Page: Formats the report so that each vehicle starts on a new page when the output format is not HTML.

Report Columns

The columns of sensor or PTO reports are as follows:

1.Marker: The marker, if any, where the vehicle was located when the sensor reading occurred.
2.Address: The address at which the vehicle was located if it was not at a marker.
3.Date: The date the sensor reading occurred. This is only shown for the first sensor report that occurred on the specified day.
4.Time: The time the sensor reading occurred.
5.Sensor: The sensor reading that occurred at the indicated place and time. The readings that are shown depends on the configuration of the inputs on the vehicle.
6.Duration: The length of time that the sensor reading was in effect.