Panic Button Support

As a security feature, you can install a panic button in your vehicles. When the driver presses the panic button in an emergency (such as when someone attempts to steal the vehicle) an immediate message is sent. The way panic messages are handled is different to how other inputs from the vehicle are handles, so that you can respond as quickly as possible.

Some versions of this product do not include support for a panic button. If you want to add panic button support to your account, speak to your support representative.

If your user account has been configured for responding to panic button, as soon as a message arrives indicating that the panic button was pressed, the following occurs:

The map screen is automatically selected (even if you were viewing a different screen).
The Panics tool in the map screen toolbar starts flashing.
The vehicle pop-up for the vehicle that sent the panic message automatically opens. This dialog box includes a red panic band at the top that has the message: "Panic Button Pushed".


The vehicle icon changes to include a red triangle with an exclamation point, to indicate that the vehicle is in panic mode:

At this point, you can take the appropriate steps:

You can click the Panic tool to filter the map so that you can see at a glance where any vehicles in panic mode are located.
You can use the hardware tab to send an output that disables the vehicle.
You can click the link for the driver's name and choose Edit Driver so that you can look up contact details, or choose to send the driver a message for information on why they pressed the panic button.

Once you have addressed the situation that caused the driver to press panic button, click Resolve in the red panic band of the vehicle details pop-up. You are then prompted to indicate the reason you are resolving the panic. The list of possible reasons includes the options you specified when you added panic button support to your account. Once you have selected a reason, click Yes to take the vehicle out of panic mode. At this point:

If there are no other vehicles in panic mode, the toolbar icon stops flashing.
The vehicle details pop-up returns to its normal appearance.
The vehicle icon returns to its normal appearance.