Legacy Marker Map View

The Map View tab contains a mini-map of the marker at the top, with a details section that can expand or collapse.


Show All button: Click to zoom the main map so that the marker location is shown.


Zoom control: use the + and – buttons to zoom the mini-map in and out.


Details toggle: use the arrow to show or hide the details of the marker. The details section includes some or all of the following:

Name: the name of the marker as it appears in dialog boxes and lists. This is also the name to use in searches.
Primary Category: This is the primary category of the marker. In Edit mode, you can select a new value from the drop-down list to change the primary category.
Address: The address details for the marker's location. When in Edit mode, the pop-up has separate text boxes for Number, Street, City, and State.
Radius: If this is a circle marker, this lets you see or edit the radius of the marker. You can also change the radius of a circle marker using the Marker Shape tab.
Shape: Indicates whether this is a circle or polygon marker. To change the shape, use the Marker Shape tab.
Is Zone: By default, when a vehicle is stopped at a marker, the location of the vehicle in lists, alerts, and reports is given as the location of the marker rather than the location of the vehicle, which is somewhere within the boundaries of the marker. Select the check box to override this default and have lists, alerts, and reports give the actual location of the vehicle. This control is only visible when the pop-up is in Edit mode.
Speed limit: The maximum speed allowed for vehicles that are within the boundaries of the marker. A speed limit can be set only if the marker has Is Zone set to "true". The speed limit you set is enforced in preference to any speed limits inferred from road category on the Speeding against Speed Limit InSight Alert. Speed limits on markers is not available for all versions of this product.
Sharing: Who can see or edit this marker.