Legacy Marker Shape

The Shape tab lets you specify the type, size, and shape of a marker.

Click the Edit button to put the shape tab into Edit mode, then follow the instructions that are displayed in the dialog box. These instructions can guide you through the process of:

Editing a Circle Marker.
Changing a Circle Marker to a Polygon Marker.
Editing a Polygon Marker.
Changing a Polygon Marker to a Circle Marker.

Editing a Circle Marker


Click the handle in the center of the marker to drag the marker to a new location.


The dotted outline shows the radius of the marker when in edit mode.


Type a new radius into the Radius edit box to change the radius of the marker to a specific value, or with the cursor manually drag the circle marker using the square handle on the upper right circle edge.


Click the Polygon radio button to change the marker to a polygon marker.

Changing a Circle Marker to a Polygon

To change a circle marker into a polygon marker:

1.Select the Polygon radio button.
2.Click the map at one of the corners of the polygon you want to create.
3.Click another point that will be used as another polygon corner. Lines shows you the edges you are creating:

4.Click each corner that marks the end of an edge you are creating:

5.Finally, click the first corner once again to close the polygon then click the Save button:

6.The completed polygon shadow is displayed on the map, and your changes are automatically saved:

Editing a Polygon Marker


Click the Edit button (or click Redraw to delete the polygon. You can then draw a new polygon).


Click the square handle on a corner and drag it to a new location to re-position a corner of the polygon. Drag the handle at the center of an edge to a new location to split a single edge into two segments


Click Save when you are finished editing the polygon.

Changing a Polygon Marker to a Circle

To change a polygon marker into a circle marker:

1.Select the Circle radio button.
2.Click the Redraw button that is displayed on the marker shape tab.
3.The polygonal marker shadow on the map is replaced by a circular shadow.
4.Adjust the circle using the same techniques as when you edit a circle marker.
5.Click Save.