Legacy Markers

This section is relevant only if you have explicitly asked Verizon Connect support to use legacy markers. If you do not use legacy markers, see the remainder of the Markers section.

A legacy marker is an older, more basic type of marker that was used throughout the platform before the newer type of marker was introduced. This section describes the legacy Marker Details pop-up and its tabs.

The legacy Marker Details pop-up lets you view, edit, or delete a marker. This pop-up opens when you create a marker, or when you click a marker icon on the map or in the markers list.

The legacy Marker Details pop-up has the following tabs across the top:

Map view: For viewing or entering the details about the marker's location and primary category.

Marker information: For specifying the marker's contact information.

Marker shape: For specifying the type (circle or polygon), size, and shape of the marker.

Notes: For viewing or entering free-form notes that are saved with the marker.

Pending Jobs: For viewing information about jobs that are associated with the marker.

Delivery Data: This tab lets you view or enter information about deliveries to the marker.

Categories: For seeing all the categories that the marker is a member of.

When the pop-up is in View mode, you can delete the marker with the Delete button or change to Edit mode with the Edit button. Use the Save or Cancel button to save or cancel your edits and return to View mode: