How to Report on InSight Alerts

There are two types of reports you can create to view a summary of the InSight Alerts™ that have occurred within the last two weeks:

A detailed report shows a list of all alerts that have triggered within a specified time frame. This report shows much the same information as you find in the InSight Alerts Inbox .It can be limited to show only information about:
oA particular fleet, vehicle, driver, or team.
oA subset of the possible exceptions.
oA specified time period within the last two weeks.
A summary report shows the total counts and durations for alerts about a particular fleet or team that occurred within a specified time period and about a specified subset of alert types.

To create a report on InSight Alerts:

1.From the Reports section of the navigation bar, click Create Report.
2.Click the InSight Alerts link to expand the list to show the types of InSight Alerts reports.
3.Click the Detailed or Summary link to expand the list to show the types of detailed or summary reports.
4.Set the report options. Note that the time frame for the report must be within the last two weeks.
5.Click Run to run the report immediately, or Save to save the report.

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