How to Schedule a Maintenance Visit

To schedule a new maintenance visit:

1.From the Main section of the navigation bar choose Vehicles.
2.Locate the vehicle in the list.
3.Click the vehicle name and select Show Maintenance Log from the pop-up menu to display the Maintenance log.
4.Click New Schedule.
5.Enter the details for the service you want to schedule in the New Schedule dialog box:

Service Type:

Select a service type from the drop-down. If your version allows you to define new service types, click New Service Type to define a service type if it is not displayed in the drop-down list.

Interval Type:

Select how you want to schedule the service. You can choose "Distance", "Date", "Distance or Date", "Engine Hour", or "Date or Engine Hour".


Enter the interval until the next service. The units depend on the interval type you selected.


Enter any free-form notes about this service.

Set as default value:

Select Set as default value if you want the interval you just specified to be the default value when scheduling services of this type for your vehicles.

InSight Alert:

Select InSight Alert if you want an Insight Alert™ to remind you when the scheduled maintenance is due. When you select this check box, the dialog box expands to let you indicate how many days warning you want and details for any emails you want sent in addition to the notification in your InSight Alerts inbox.