How to Create an InSight Alert

To add an InSight Alert:

1.From the Tasks section of the navigation bar choose Setup Insight Alerts.
2.Click Create.
3.Click the type of exception you want to setup an alert for from the Create pop-up.
4.Click OK.
5.Enter the details for the alert. Define:
The name of the alert.
The item the alert will be applied to.
Select the Aggressive check box if the alert should be triggered as soon as the Minimum Time to Trigger elapses, or leave clear if it should only be reported after the first scheduled report period following the alert.
The time after which the alert will be triggered. For example, when setting up an alert to inform you when a vehicle exceeds the speed limit, you probably want to ignore this occurrence if it lasts for less than 5 minutes, so that you are not inundated with notifications every time a vehicle overtakes another vehicle on the road.
A condition you want to be informed of. The condition is defined by the type of InSight Alert and the alert-specific parameters you set for the alert.
The severity of the alert. That is, whether it is a normal alert or something more critical (for example, a driver Panic alert).
The color assigned to the alert.
When the alert should be in effect. This is specified using the Schedule tab. For example, when setting up an alert to inform you of off-hours usage, you would schedule the alert to be in effect only for times when the vehicle's driver is off duty.
6.Click Save.