Using Hidden Form Elements

Hidden form elements are not visible in driver forms within WorkPlan. They are used to automatically and silently collect data from WorkPlan without requiring the driver to enter any values: for example, the exact time and location where a form was completed, or details about the driver, vehicle or job.

To create hidden form elements within a driver form:

1.From the Tasks menu, select Form Templates.
2.Select a form from the list or click Create .
3.Click Add Form Element for each form element you want to add. Select a form element type from the drop-down box. For hidden form elements select "Hidden".
4.Enter a Name and an optional Text Value for the hidden form element. The text value is the default value to use if the field is not populated with a value using the steps detailed below.
5.Click Advanced, then select the Prepopulate tab.
6.Select a Data Source and a corresponding Data Source Field. See Pre-Populating Form Templates for more information about the types of data you can choose from.
7.Click Save in the lower right corner of the screen.


To view the hidden form elements with their associated values in a submitted driver form you must export the form in CSV format. To do this:

1.From the Tasks section of the navigation bar choose Driver Forms.
2.Select the check box next to the form you want to view.
3.From the Form Template drop-down select the appropriate form template.
4.In the toolbar click Export.

5.Select the CSV export format, then click Export.