Events List

The events list lets you examine all the events (failures to meet a performance target) that make up a cell in the main page of the dashboard. Each event begins when a vehicle fails to meet a performance target and lasts until the vehicle returns to meeting the target.
events list


The title in the upper left corner gives the name of the KPI for which this list displays events. Each event in the list is a time when a vehicle in the sub-fleet failed to meet a performance target against this indicator.


In the upper right corner, the event list gives the variance of the amount by which these events deviate from the target for the KPI.


Select Print, Excel, or Email to send this information to a printer, download it as a spreadsheet file, or send it to an email address.


The Vehicle column shows the vehicle that caused the event.


The Driver column shows the driver who was assigned to the vehicle when the event occurred.


The Supervisor column shows the name of the sub-fleet for all these events (the row in the main grid that you are examining).


The Manager column shows the name of the current fleet in the dashboard.


The Date column shows the day that the event occurred on.


The Actual value column shows the measurement from the vehicle that failed to meet the performance target.


The Target value column shows the target value for the performance indicator.


The Excess value column shows the amount by which the vehicle failed to meet the performance target.

Double-click a row in the events list to see a history screen for the vehicle at the time when the event occurred.