Allowing Mobile Users to Create Trailers

By default, mobile users cannot create new trailers from their mobile devices. All trailers for which your mobile users want to create DVIR forms must be added to the platform. This process is usually done by Verizon Connect.

To allow your mobile users to create new trailers:


1.From the Tasks section of the navigation bar choose Roles.
2.From the list select the role that you want to apply to mobile users who can add trailers.
3.Select the Rights tab.
4.Select the check box next to Show All Rights.
5.In the Fleets section set Add and remove vehicles from public fleets to "Allowed".

6.In the Units section set Can create untracked units to "Allowed".

7.From now on mobile users in the selected role can add new trailers from within WorkPlan. New trailers show up in the "New Trailers" fleet in the platform. Go to Main > Fleets & Teams and select the Fleets tab to view the "New Trailers" fleet. This fleet is listed only if it contains trailers, not if it is empty.

You can remove or edit the trailer, or move the trailer into a different fleet. Your mobile users cannot remove or edit trailers from within WorkPlan.