Set Base Dialog

If you have access to a hierarchy screen, the Set Base dialog is an easy way to set the base depot for your vehicles and/or drivers, thereby assigning them to a territory.

If you do not have access to the hierarchy, you can still assign a base depot to your vehicles and drivers one by one using the edit vehicle dialog and the edit driver dialog.

To bring up the Set Base dialog:

1.From the Tasks section of the navigation bar, click the Hierarchy link.
2.Select the leaf node in the hierarchy tree to which the vehicles and/or drivers you want are assigned.
3.On the details panel, select the Vehicles tab or the Drivers tab, depending on whether you are setting the base location of vehicles or drivers.
4.Select the vehicles or drivers that you want to assign to a base depot. You can use the shift or control key while clicking to select more than one vehicle.
5.Click the Set Base button in the tool bar of the Vehicles or Drivers tab.

This dialog lets you set the base marker for of all the selected vehicles or drivers. The list includes only markers that belong to a territory.

Select a marker from the drop-down list and click ok. All of the selected vehicles or drivers are given the selected marker as a base depot.

Both the driver and the vehicle to which that driver is assigned must both have the same base marker if they are to be used with Dynamic Response Suite.