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Selecting or Leaving Your Vehicle

Selecting a Vehicle

If you are not already assigned to a vehicle, you can select a vehicle from the Today screen or the Vehicle screen. To get to the Vehicle screen, tap the Vehicle icon in the lower part of your screen.

From the Select Vehicle list you can:

Browse the list of vehicles and tap a vehicle's name to select it. If your device has a strong GPS signal, vehicles that are close by are listed first.
Start typing the vehicle's name into the Search vehicles text box to reduce the list of vehicles, and then tap the vehicle's name to select it.
If you cannot find your vehicle, tap Refresh to reload the vehicles list.


Vehicles with failed inspection items display an exclamation mark . You should not use vehicles with failed inspection items.

Vehicles that are already assigned to a driver display a gray icon.

After you have selected a vehicle you might need to fill out a DVIR form.

Leaving a Vehicle

If you have finished driving a vehicle or you would like to switch vehicles, you can leave your current vehicle from the Vehicle screen.

To leave a vehicle:

1.Go to the Vehicle screen, or tap your currently assigned vehicle's name on the Today screen.

2.Tap Leave Vehicle.
3.You can now select a new vehicle, or, if you have finished driving for the day, sign out from the Me screen. You might need to fill out a DVIR form.