Creating Markers

Use this procedure if you want to add a single marker. If you want to add several markers at once using an import file, see Importing and Exporting Markers. If you have already created markers and you want to edit their details, see Editing Markers.

To create a marker:


1.Open the list menu in the upper left corner of the List panel and select the Markers option. The Markers list opens.

2.Click the Create Marker button on the List panel tool bar. Alternatively, click the More menu button in the upper right corner of the List panel and select the Create Marker option. The Marker dialog box opens.

3.Enter the relevant marker details under each tab in the Marker dialog box:
oOverview - Specify basic information about the marker, including its ID, name and location, and view details of its assignment to (use by) other entities in this scenario.
oCustom Properties - Add your own customer-defined properties to markers, such as customer contact details, security requirements, or prohibited entrances, which are shown on the Markers list and can be used to sort the grid.



The Overview tab lets you add the following information:


Marker ID - The unique ID used to identify this marker.
Marker Name - The name of the marker.
oAddress - The physical street address of the marker.
oCountry - The country that the marker is in.
oLocation - The location of the marker as a WGS84 latitude and longitude coordinate pair.
Assigned to - Details the entities that this marker is assigned to (routes, jobs, drivers, recurring jobs and vehicles). Not user-editable.

Custom Properties


The Custom Properties tab lets you add the following information:


Name - The name of a custom property. These arbitrary properties are not used for optimizing routes, but are added as columns to the Markers list, and can be useful for sorting and filtering purposes. For example, you could use these properties to specify additional data not included by default in Scenarios, such as the contact details of the customer at this marker, security requirements, site size and permitted or restricted entrances and gates. These values can then be sorted in the grid by clicking the column header. Click the Add Property button to add a new Name and Value pair, or delete the content of an existing property pair and then click Save to remove them.
Value - The value of the custom property.