Creating Jobs with Linked Stops

Linked stops are not supported by default. To turn this feature on in your account, contact Verizon Connect support.

Some jobs might require drivers to visit two locations in a particular order, without being able to change the order or visit other locations between them. For example, a driver might need to pick up a piece of equipment from one location and take it to a second location. You can create jobs with linked stops to define the two locations for the pick-up and drop-off job.

Creating a One-off Job with a Linked Stop

To create a one-off job with a linked stop follow these steps:

1.Click the Add Job button () at the top of the Jobs List. The Create Job dialog box opens. (Alternatively, click on a job's name in the Jobs List to edit an existing job).
2.Follow the instructions under Creating Jobs to fill in the details of the job that will be completed first (the primary job). In our example, this is the equipment pick-up stop.
3.After you have configured the primary job, select the Linked Stop tab.

4.Select the check box next to the setting Enable linked stop. This indicates that you want a second job (at the linked stop) to occur immediately after the primary stop.
5.Enter the number of minutes that the driver is likely to be on site for the linked job into the Time on site field.
6.From the Location drop-down box select an existing marker that will be used for this linked stop location. The job associated at this marker location will be scheduled to take place immediately after the primary job.
7.Click Save.

Viewing Jobs with Linked Stops

In the Jobs List, jobs with linked stops display with the second stop location in the column Linked Job Marker and the time on site in the column Linked Job Time On Site. You can show these columns by following the steps described in Specifying List Columns.


In the Route Timeline, jobs with linked stops show as two jobs with a green line above them, which links the two jobs together: