Vehicle Hardware Diagnostics Reports

A vehicle hardware diagnostic report provides information about the quality of data coming from the vehicles in a fleet. There are two types of vehicle hardware diagnostic reports:

Summary: Totals for each diagnostic criterion for the entire report period.
Detailed: Daily totals for each diagnostic criterion.

hardware diagnostic report

The report is divided into sections for each vehicle in the fleet.

In the detailed report, each row represents the data for a single day, with the total for the report period at the lower part of each section.

In the summary report, rows are colored to indicate the overall quality of data from the vehicle. If a problem occurs (row is not green), a brief statement of the nature of the problems is displayed under the vehicle name.

Report Settings

The options specific to Vehicle Hardware Diagnostics reports that you can set are as follows:

Fleet: Which vehicles should be included in the report.

Report Columns

The columns of a vehicle hardware diagnostic report are as follows:

1.Vehicle: The name of the vehicle and the time of the last report received from that vehicle. In summary reports, this column also includes a brief statement about any problems noted. In detailed reports, this column also includes the date summarized on that row.
2.Bad Points: The number of data points (reports) received where the quality of the GPS signal was poor (1 or 0) and the ignition was on.
3.Ignition Off While Moving: The number of data points (reports) where the speed was greater than 0 but the ignition was reported as off.
4.Teleports: The number of reports where the speed between two points is greater than a threshold (possibly due to a glitch in the GPS signal). The default threshold is 100mph.
5.Total Points: The total number of data points (reports) received from the vehicle.