Utilization Reports

Utilization reports let you see whether some vehicles in a fleet are being used less than or more than others. By seeing the percentage of use for each vehicle, you can see if you are relying too heavily on some vehicles and not enough on others.

There is one type of utilization report:

by Distance measures use of a vehicle by the distance it was driven over the reporting period.

utilization report

Report Settings

The options specific to Utilization reports that you can set are as follows:

Time Frame: The days this report describes.
Include Tag Filter: Specifies tags that must be present in order for vehicles to be included in the report.
Exclude Tag Filter: Specifies tags that, if present, will cause vehicles to be excluded from the report.
Show Empty Nodes: Specifies if the node tree view includes hierarchy nodes that do not contain any subusers.

Report Columns

The columns of utilization by distance driven reports are as follows:

1.Vehicle: The name of the vehicle.
2.Distance Driven: The distance the vehicle was driven in miles or kilometers, based on the preference you set in the Settings dialog box.
3.% of Total: The percentage of the total distance driven by the fleet that this vehicle’s driving represents.