Viewing Hardware and Connection Orders

To view current and past hardware orders and vehicle connection orders:

1.Click the Orders link on the My Account menu, the View Orders button, or the All Orders link in the Orders section of the Overview page.

The Orders screen opens, listing your past and pending orders (unless you clicked the Open Orders link in the previous step, in which case closed orders are not shown).

Use the filter drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the screen to filter the list so it displays either all orders including past orders that have been completed, or only open orders that have not yet been completed:

The grid columns shown on this page are:



Order Number

The order number. Click the blue order number to view the contents of the order.

Order Date

The date on which the order was placed.

Order Type

The type of order. Either "Connect Vehicles" or "Device Shipment".


An optional free-form text description of the order, typically entered for orders placed using a service representative. This text cannot be entered using the wizard.


The status of the order. "In-progress" or "Units Created" for order created using the wizard. If an order has been created by a service representative outside the wizard, the status might be displayed as "Authorized".


Indicates if shipping has been authorized.

Click a column header to sort the grid by the column type (sorting is carried out alphabetically, by date, or by numerical order). Hover over any column header then click the down arrow to open the sorting and columns menu. Click Columns to open the column picker. Select or clear the check box beside each of the columns listed to show or hide that column in the grid.


2.Click an order row to view the details of the order. Each order can contain several items (for example multiple vehicles or hardware items). The order number and shipping address, if applicable, are shown in the upper left corner of the screen. The date the order was created, the date the details or status of the order were last updated (if subsequently updated), and either the payment type for vehicle connections or the shipping method for hardware orders, are shown to the right of the screen:

The grid columns shown on this page are:




The vehicle's unique 17-character Vehicle Identification Number, or chassis number.

Serial Number

The serial number of the shipped hardware. Not applicable to vehicle connections.


The vehicle's name or tag. Not applicable to hardware.

Vehicle Model

The vehicle model.

Item Status

The status of the item. "Creating Unit", "Unit Created", or "Unit Activated".

Available In Fleet

Indicates if the vehicle is connected and available in the Verizon Connect platform. Either a tick or a cross.


Any notes entered related to the vehicle.