Subuser Details Reports

Subuser reports provide information about the subusers on your account. There are two types of subuser reports:

Details: Detailed information about every subuser on your account.
Login History: A list of when subusers signed in to use this product.

subuser details report

The Subuser details report lists, for each subuser, most of the details from the User dialog box. A few items (such as the user's password) are not included in the report.

The Login History lists, for each subuser, the date and time when the user signed in during the report period and the IP address from which the user signed in.

Report Settings

The options specific to Subuser Details reports that you can set are as follows:

All Users/ Non Hierarchy Users/ Hierarchy Users: Which users should be shown in the report. Non-hierarchy users are users who are not assigned to any node in the hierarchy, while hierarchy users are users who are assigned to a hierarchy node. If you select hierarchy users, you can then select a hierarchy node to limit the users to only those users visible to the specified hierarchy node. (Details report only)
Show last login only: When selected, the report does not show all logins for each user, but only the most recent one. (Login history only)
Show all subusers: When selected, the report includes rows for each user, even if they did not sign in during the report period. (Login history only)
One Item per Page: Formats the report so that each user starts on a new page when the output format is not HTML. (Login history only)