Marker Details Reports

Marker details reports list information about the markers you have defined.

There are two types of Marker details reports:

By Category: detailed information about all markers in a specified category.
By State: detailed information about all markers located in a specified state.

marker details report

For each marker in the specified category or state, the report lists its primary category, assigned driver, address, contact information, latitude, longitude, and radius, as well as any notes and a complete list of categories the marker belongs to. In the case of the Marker Details by Category report, the report also includes information from the marker deliveries tab, including the delivery date, stop id, route name, distribution center, delivery area, schedule number, and sequence number.

If the marker is a polygon marker, the radius is listed as having size 0.

Report Settings

The options specific to Marker Details reports that you can set are as follows:

Category: Which category of markers should be shown in the report. (By Category report only)
State: Which state the markers should be in. (By State report only)
One Item per Page: Specify that the section for each marker starts on a new page.