Legacy Markers List

You might see either the legacy Map Markers screen described below, or the new Markers screen as described here, depending on your account configuration.

The markers list of the Map Markers screen lets you see all the markers defined for your account. From the Main section of the navigation bar choose Map Markers to open the Map Markers screen.

The markers list shows all markers, including the name, primary category, address, city, state, zip code, and territory:


Export: Export all the currently selected markers.


Delete: Delete all of the currently selected markers.


Set Primary Category: Display a dialog where you can select a category to assign as the primary category of all selected markers.


Set Categories: Display a dialog where you can select multiple categories to assign as additional categories for all selected markers.


Set Territory: Display a dialog where you can choose the territory to assign to the selected markers.


Filter: Enter all or part of a marker name in the text box to filter the list to show only those markers that match your search string. You can also search by territory name if you enter a search string that includes the prefix "Territory:" Click the Advanced Filter button  to open a dialog box where you can search on many other marker properties, including marker name, shape (circle or polygon), radius, primary category, latitude, longitude, territory, address, city, state, zip code, and the date the marker was created or last edited. Click the "x" reset button at the right side of the text field to clear any filters applied.


Name link: Click a marker name to view or edit its details. The map opens, displaying the marker next to the Marker Details pop-up.


Check boxes: Select the marker check box to select it, or select the check box in the header row to select all the marker check boxes.


+ and -: Click the + and - controls to expand or contract the row describing a marker. Expanded rows show the shape, radius, and location (latitude and longitude) of the marker.


Navigation controls: Use the navigation controls to move between pages when the markers list does not fit on a single screen.


Refresh: Click the refresh button to refresh the list of markers. Any markers that have been added or edited since you opened the screen are displayed.


Rows: Specify the number of rows that are displayed in a single screen.

To use the column picker menu to save your preferred grid order, sort order, or visible columns click the header drop-down arrow, then select one or more of the Save Visible Columns, Save Sort Order, or Save Column Order check boxes. When you next sign in, the layout or order you choose is retained.