Marker Details Pop-up

The Marker Details pop-up lets you view, edit, or delete a marker. You can also:

Associate additional data, such as attributes and tags, with the marker.
Create custom access paths that connect the marker's area to the surrounding road network and regulate the direction vehicles may travel on them.
Place gates on the perimeter of the marker boundary that represent physical entrances (a main gate and rear depot goods gate, for example).

These paths and entrances allow users to force vehicles to enter or exit from specific entrances, or to follow specific routes within the marker boundary to avoid areas that might be used by other users, such as public parking lots.

Because marker areas, and their associated access paths and gate locations, rely on unique geographical layouts that might not be contained in the base map data, it might be easier to configure them when using the satellite imagery map view, if you have this feature. It is also a good idea to zoom the map to its maximum, closest zoom level.

The Marker Details pop-up is displayed when you create a marker or when you click a marker icon on the map or in the markers list.


The Marker Details pop-up has the following tabs:

Mini-map: For viewing or entering the details about the marker's name, location, primary category, tags and custom attributes.

Details: For specifying the marker's contact information.

Shape: For specifying the type (circle versus polygon), size, and shape of the marker area, and for configuring access paths (approaches and departures) and gates.

Notes: For viewing or entering free-form notes that are saved with the marker.

Metadata: For information about the marker's creation, the last update made to it, and the username and timestamp details of the marker's creator.

Delivery Data: For viewing or entering information about deliveries to the marker.

Pending Jobs: For viewing information about upcoming jobs that are associated with the marker.


When the pop-up is in View mode, you can click Delete to delete the marker, or click Edit to edit the marker's details (see Mini-map Tab for more information).