HOS Weekly Available Hours Reports

HOS weekly available hours reports show, over a period of 8 days, how much time each driver has spent driving or on duty per day, and how much time is remaining for on-duty tasks before breaching HOS regulations. The information about the hours the drivers have spent driving or on duty is recorded in each driver's Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™ mobile application.

Report Settings

The options specific to HOS weekly available hours reports that you can set are as follows:

Report on week ending at - The end date of the time frame to report on. The report will cover eight days: the seven days prior to the end day, and the end day itself. The available hours are presented for the specified date.
Driver - Which drivers to include. You can select specific drivers, one or more teams, or an entire fleet.

Output formats for this report are Excel or CSV.

Report Columns

The columns of an HOS weekly available hours report are as follows:

1.Driver Name: The name of the driver.
2.Base Marker: The driver's depot location.
3.Has Events: Indicates if this driver has any HOS events during the report period.
4.Last Status: The last HOS status that the driver was in.
5.Last Cycle Reset: The date and time of the last cycle reset. A "-" means that there was no cycle reset during the report period.
6.Total Duty Hours: The time that the driver spent driving or on duty each day.
7.Hours Available: The remaining time before the driver should go off-duty to avoid violating a rule: for the last day in the report period and for the entire cycle. The remaining time is calculated for midnight on the selected day. If the driver's work shift ends more than 10 hours before midnight, the available hours are reset back to the full daily on-duty allowance. If this is the case, check the number of hours that the driver spent on duty that day and calculate how many hours are remaining.


The end day of the report period is displayed twice in the report: once under Total Duty Hours, displaying the time spent on duty or driving that day, and once under Hours Available, displaying the remaining hours for that day.