HOS Violation Reports

HOS violation reports show all HOS regulation violations for selected drivers within a selected time frame. You can specify which types of violations to include in the report. The reports are grouped by driver.

Report Settings

The options specific to HOS violation reports that you can set are as follows:

Time Frame - Which time frame to cover.
Driver - Which drivers to include. You can select specific drivers, one or more teams, or an entire fleet.
Minimum Violation Duration - The number of minutes the violation must last for before it is included in the report.
Violations - Which type of violations to include in the report. Select the violations from the list on the left side and add them to the list on the right side. If you do not select any violations, all violations are included in the report.

Report Columns

The columns of an HOS violation report are as follows:

1.Violation Start Time: The time the driver started violating the HOS rule.
2.Violation End Time: The time the driver stopped violating the HOS rule.
3.Duration: The amount of time the driver spent violating the HOS rule.
4.Vehicle: The name of the vehicle the driver was assigned to when the violation occurred.
5.Type: The type of violation. One of the HOS rules that you can select when you generate the report.

The report entries are grouped by driver. For each driver the following entries are listed:

1.Driver: The name of the driver.
2.Base Marker: The driver's depot location.
3.Violation Count: The number of violations for the specific driver.
4.Violation Time: The amount of time the specific driver spent violating the HOS rule.

On the lower part of the report the following entries summarize the violations:

1.Total Violation Count: The total number of violations for all drivers within the selected time frame.
2.Total Violation Time: The total amount of time that all drivers spent violating any of the HOS rules selected to include in the report.