HOS Driver Duty Sub Status Summary

HOS driver duty sub status summary reports show duty status changes that have a sub status, along with its event type, for selected drivers within a selected time frame.

Report Settings

The options specific to HOS driver duty sub status summary reports that you can set are as follows:

Time Frame - Which time frame to cover.
Driver - Which drivers to include. You can select specific drivers, one or more teams, or an entire fleet.

Report Columns

The columns of an HOS driver duty sub status summary report are as follows:

1.Driver: The name of the driver.
2.Unit: The name of the vehicle the driver was assigned to at the time of the status change.
3.Status: One of "On-Duty", "Driving", "Off-Duty", or "Sleeper Berth". If your configuration includes Oil Field options, then the status may also be "In Oilfield" or "Waiting".
4.Sub Status: The associated event type. One of "No Event Type", "Fuel", "Meal", "Break", "DOT Break", "Unloading", "Loading", "Personal Conveyance", "Meeting", "Warehouse", "Office", "Pre-Inspection", "Post-Inspection", "Roadside Inspection", "Delivery", or "Other".
5.Event Time: The time this driver entered the specific sub status.
6.Duration: The length of time this driver remained in the specific sub status.