HOS Enterprise Violation Reports

HOS enterprise violation reports show a summary of HOS regulation violations for a specific enterprise. You can select the drivers and the time frame to include in the reports. The reports are grouped by operating company.

Report Settings

The options specific to HOS enterprise violation reports that you can set are as follows:

Time Frame - Which time frame to cover.
Driver - Which drivers to include. You can select specific drivers, one or more teams, or an entire fleet.

Report Columns

HOS enterprise violation reports are grouped by operating company (Op Co Name).

For each operating company the report entries are grouped by Rule Set (for example: Federal or CanadaSouth). Each rule set section summarizes the following information:

1.Violating Driver Count: The number of drivers working for the specific operating company who have violated any of the rules within the specific rule set.
2.Cumulative Violation Time: The total amount of time that any of the selected drivers within the operating company have violated any of the HOS rules within the rule set.
3.Violation count for rules within the rule set (for example: 11 Hour Driving Violation Count or 80 Hour On Duty Violation Count): The number of violations of this HOS rule for the operating company.
4.Total Violation Count: The total number of HOS rule violations within the rule set for the operating company.

There is a summary of the cumulative violation time and the total violation count for each operating company on the lower part of each Op Co section (see Op Co Totals).