Engine On Time Reports

Engine on time reports list the total time each vehicle in a specified fleet spent with the ignition on. There are the following subtypes:

Engine On Time by Vehicle lists the total on time for each day for each vehicle in the fleet.
Engine On Time by State, Vehicle lists the total on time for each state, with subtotals for each vehicle that was in the state.
Engine On Time by Vehicle, State lists the total on time for each vehicle, with subtotals for each state the vehicle was in.
Engine On Time by Day, Vehicle lists engine on time on each day, with an entry for each vehicle driven on each day. Grouped chronologically by Day, with Vehicles listed alphabetically in each group.
Engine On Time by Vehicle and Day lists the engine on time for each day of the selected reporting period, and as a totalled duration value for the entire report period, for each individual vehicle included in the report.
Engine On Time by Vehicle, Day lists distance driven in each vehicle, with an entry for each day the vehicle was driven on. Grouped alphabetically by Vehicle, with Days listed chronologically in each group.

engine running time report

Report Settings

The options specific to Engine On Time reports that you can set are as follows:

Time Frame: The days this report describes. This control allows you to specify any time frame (at the level of days, with further specification by half hour for Today and Yesterday).
Fleet: Specifies which vehicles should be shown in the report. Use this control to specify fleets, vehicles, and sections of the hierarchy. The Fleet selection box includes an option to  include the "Show Empty Nodes" check box and a Search field with Previous and Next buttons, allowing for navigation within search results. The Fleet grid includes two columns: "Name", which shows the names of Fleets/Vehicles, and "Vehicle Count", which shows the number of vehicles in the specified Fleet.

Report Columns

The columns of an Engine On Time report include some or all of the following:

1.State: The state or region in which the vehicle is driven. The definition of "State" varies by country, and in some cases is undefined. For example, in the US, this refers to federal states, while in other countries it might refer to regions or territories.
2.Vehicle: The name of the vehicle.
3.Engine On Time: The total duration for which the engine was running in HH:MM:SS format over the specified date range. This is calculated using the engine time reported by the engine. When no engine time is available, ignition (on/off) status is used, and Engine Running Time is calculated server side (also known as Engine Hours). This column is shown for each individual day in the time period that the report is run over.
4.Total: The total number of engine hours that each vehicle in the report had its engine on over the entire report period.
5.Date: The date on which the vehicle was driven.