ELD Unidentified Driving Reports

ELD unidentified driving reports show ELD events that do not have a driver assigned to them. The report is grouped by vehicle.

Report Settings

The options specific to ELD unidentified driving reports that you can set are as follows:

Time Frame - Which time frame to cover.
Vehicle - Which vehicles to include. You can select specific vehicles, one or more fleets, or an entire fleet.

Report Columns

The columns of an ELD unidentified driving report are as follows:

1.Depot: The location where this vehicle is based.
2.Event Time: The time when the ELD event was first created.
3.Status: The status of the ELD event. The options are: "Off Duty", "Driving", "On Duty Not Driving", "Sleeper Berth", "Engine Power Up", "Engine Power Down", and "Intermediate Log".
4.Location: The location where the ELD event was first created.
5.Total Distance: The total distance that the vehicle has been driven at the time when the ELD event was created.
6.Total Engine Hours: The total number of hours that the engine has been running.
7.Exempt: Whether or not the driver was exempt from ELD regulations during the time when the event was created. The options are: "True" and "False".
8.Comments: Any optional comments about the event.