Driver ELD Health Reports

Driver ELD health reports show driver details and the number of ELD events, malfunctions, and diagnostic events per driver.

Report Settings

The options specific to Driver ELD health reports that you can set are as follows:

Time Frame Options - Which time frame to cover.
Team - Which drivers to include. You can select specific drivers or one or more teams.

Report Columns

The columns of a driver ELD health report are as follows:

1.Driver Name - The driver's first name and last name.
2.Username - The driver's username.
3.Depot - The depot (marker) where the driver is based.
4.Last Login: The date and time when the user last signed in to WorkPlan.
5.WorkPlan Version: The last used WorkPlan version.
6.# ELD Events: The total number of active ELD events for this driver, excluding diagnostic and malfunction events.
7.# ELD Malfunctions: The total number of ELD malfunction events for this driver.
8.# ELD Diagnostics: The total number of ELD diagnostic events for this driver.