Driver Details Pop-up

The Driver Details pop-up lets you view information about a driver and perform driver-related tasks. This pop-up opens when you click a driver name from the map or the list view tabs and choose Show Driver from the pop-up menu.


Name of the driver.



Mini-map: Shows the driver's location and details.

History: Controls for working with a driver history. This tab is not present if your version is configured to show multi-histories.

Forms: Lists the forms that the driver has submitted. This tab is not present if your version does not support driver forms.

Tags: lists tags assigned to the driver.


Click the up or down arrows to show or hide sections of the pop-up.


Close and minimize buttons.


Click and drag on the border of the pop-up to resize it.


If your account includes support for jobs (Dynamic Response Suite) then this dialog box also contains a Current Route tab detailing the jobs assigned to the driver, and their statuses. From the Help section of the navigation bar choose Response Help to see more information about this tab.