Contact Page

The Contact & Vitals page lets you view or edit contact information and identifying details about the driver. Items include:

Address 1-3:

The driver's street address (up to three lines).


The city where the driver lives.


The state or region where the driver lives.

Zip Code:

The driver's zip code or postal code.

Phone 1:

The driver's phone number.

Phone 2:

An alternate phone number for the driver.


This read-only control is only present if your account includes support for identifying subuser accounts as belonging to drivers. It shows the login name for the driver's subuser account.

Employee ID:

The driver's personal employee ID.

Birth Date:

The driver's date of birth.


The driver's height.

Eye Color:

The color of the driver's eyes.


The driver's gender.

Hire Date:

The date the driver was hired.

Leave Date:

The date the driver's contract terminates.

Garmin ID:

The ID of the driver's Garmin device. This option is only available if your account supports working with Garmin devices.