Creating a New Event

You can create a status change event if a driver has been unable to, or has forgotten to, add it. You cannot add other types of events, such as Login, Engine On, or Diagnostic Logged. These types of events are created automatically.

To create a new hours of service event:


1.Open the Drivers tab of the Hours of Service screen.
2.Select a date range using the calendar tools in the upper left corner of the screen.
3.Click the name of the driver whose events you want to view.
4.Click the View link under the View column. The events list for the driver opens.
5.Click New Event in the upper left corner of the events list.
6.Select the Vehicle, Status, and Time for the event. If the event does not have a vehicle associated with it, click into the Vehicle field to open the drop-down box, then click None in the lower part of the drop-down box to enter the value "No Vehicle".

7.Enter a mandatory explanation into the Comments field.
8.Select from the following options for the Location:
Unknown - The location for this event is unknown. This is the default value.
Depot - This is the driver's depot location. It is defined in the Based At field within the Driver Details dialog box.
Custom - The Address field below becomes active and you can enter the location's address in the following format:



9.Click Save.
10.The new event shows in the driver's event list, and in the table on the Events tab, with a status of "Pending" appended to the event's name in the Event column. The event also displays on the Carrier Edits screen in the Hours of Service app for the specified driver, so that the driver can accept or reject the event. This step is required by the ELD mandate.
11.If the driver accepts the event, the event continues to be displayed in the driver's event list. The status of "Pending" is removed from the event's name.
If the driver rejects the event, the event is removed from the driver's event list. You can still see the event, in red, with grayed-out details, and with a status of "Rejected", in the full events list on the Events tab. You cannot edit this rejected event.