Signing In and Out

Signing In

To sign in to Verizon Connect® Spotlight™:

1.Open the app on your mobile device, or open a browser and navigate to
2.Enter your username (an email address, or a combination of account and username in the format "account:username") into the Email or Username field.
3.Enter your password into the Password field. If you have forgotten your password, see the Forgotten Password section below.
4.Read through the application's Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy. These are available from the links at the bottom of the screen. By signing in, you agree to be bound to these terms and policy.
5.Tap Sign In. Once signed in, you are taken to the Insights overview screen. This screen shows a summary of your fleet's fuel efficiency and safety score, the total distance driven by the vehicles in your fleet, and the overall health of your vehicles.

If you cannot sign in, check the following:

Check that you are using the correct credentials. You should sign in using either an email address or the account and username in the format 'account:username', and a password. These are not the same credentials you use to sign into other devices such as your work desktop computer. other mobile devices, or to read your email.
Check that you have not mistyped your credentials. Type your username and password in again, ensuring that you do not have keyboard 'Caps Lock' on and that there are no leading or trailing spaces.
Check that you have a Verizon Connect account, and that this account has not been configured to deny access to the Verizon Connect® Spotlight™ app. You might need to speak with your manager or network administrator and, if necessary, ask them to give your account access rights.
Check the status of your wireless or data network. You must have a live internet connection in order to communicate with the authentication service. If you do not have access to the internet using either Wi-Fi or network data (for example LTE or 5G), your account cannot be authenticated.

If you don't have an account, you can still view a demonstration of the capabilities and features of the Verizon Connect® Spotlight™ app by tapping Show me a demo on the sign in screen. This signs you in using a fully-functional demonstration account ('Demo User'). Use this account to trial the key features of the app with a simulated fleet of vehicles and drivers.

Signing Out

To sign out of Verizon Connect® Spotlight™:

1.Tap the Menu button in the upper left corner of the screen.
2.Tap Account. The Account screen opens.
3.Tap Log Out. A confirmation dialog box opens.
4.Tap Yes, I'm Sure to sign out, or Don't Log Me Out to close the dialog box and remain signed in. If you sign out, the sign in screen opens with both fields blank.

Forgotten Password

To reset your password:

1.Tap Forgot Password on the sign in screen. The Reset Password dialog box opens.
2.Type your email or username (in the format "account:username") into the Email or Username field.
3.Tap OK. An email is sent to the address associated with your account with a link to set a new password. The link in this email can only be used for two hours.
4.Tap OK and then check your email. Follow the instructions it contains, or discard to keep your current password.