Enabling Spotlight Access with Roles

By default, new platform accounts are given access to use Verizon Connect® Spotlight™. However, if your customer account includes support for roles, you can choose to enable or disable access to Verizon Connect® Spotlight™ for platform accounts within your organization using role rights. When using roles, the accounts you configure can be set to allow or deny access to view historical details, and scorecards in the App.

The steps below assume that a platform account for the Spotlight user already exists. If it does not, you must also first create a subuser account.

Enabling and Disabling Access Using Roles

To enable or disable access to Spotlight using roles:

1.Sign into the Verizon Connect platform interface (https://login.telogis.com) using an administrator account.
2.Open the Tasks section of the main menu and then click Roles.
3.Locate an existing role to which you want to add access to the Verizon Connect® Spotlight™ app, or create a new role.
4.Click the Rights tab to view the list of key rights that can be given, or denied, to the selected role. Click the Show All Rights checkbox at the top of the list to show all available rights.
5.Scroll down to the Spotlight section of the list and then open the drop-down menu to the right of 'Access'. Select Allowed (or Disabled to remove the right from a role).
6.Click the Save button in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you are removing access from an existing role, you are finished. If you are adding users to the role, continue to the following steps.
7.Click the Users tab, and then click the Add Users button. The Add Users to Role dialog box opens.
8.Select the checkbox beside each user you want to give access to Verizon Connect® Spotlight™. If the list of names is long, you can use the filter in the upper left corner of the dialog to search by name.
9.Click the Add Users button. The users that have been given this new role can now log into the app or the browser page using their existing platform credentials.


Spotlight Role Rights

The following role and subuser rights are used to control access to Verizon Connect® Spotlight™, or to specify which of its features a user or role can use:





Specifies whether users in the role, or with this right, can access the Verizon Connect® Spotlight™ mobile application.



Specifies whether users in the role, or with this right, can review vehicle histories in Verizon Connect® Spotlight™. When this right is not enabled, no history details are shown on the Vehicles screen.

Can Restrict Histories

Specifies whether users in the role, or with this right, can limit the number of vehicle history days available to other Verizon Connect® Spotlight™ users.


Can View Scorecards

Specifies whether users in the role, or with this right, can see the configurable scorecards shown at the top of the Insights screen.