Editing Recurring Jobs

To edit the details of an existing recurring job:


1.Open the list menu in the upper left corner of the List panel and select the Recurring Jobs option. The Recurring Jobs list opens.

2.Click a recurring job name in the list, or select a recurring job row and then click the Edit button on the List panel tool bar.
You can edit multiple recurring jobs at the same time by selecting the check boxes next to them and clicking the Edit button. Fields that contain different values for the recurring jobs display the value "Various". If you change this value to something else, all recurring jobs that you are editing get the new value.
3.The Recurring Job dialog box opens.

4.Edit the relevant recurring job details under each tab in the Recurring Jobs dialog box:
oJob Details - Specify basic information about the recurring job, including name, ID, location, priority, and preferred driver.
oFrequency - Specify how often and on which days the recurring jobs can occur.
oTime Windows - Specify up to two time windows within which the driver is permitted to arrive at the location of the jobs created by the instantiated recurring job.
oLoad - Specify the load, or loads, required by the generated jobs.
oRequirements - Specify the attributes that a required to be present or absent on a route that the jobs created by the instantiated recurring job are assigned to.
oLinked Stop - Enable and define a marker to function as a linked stop for this job.
oTags - Specify custom tags for attributes to associate with the job.
oNotes - Enter some notes about the job.
oCustom Properties - Add your own customer-defined properties to recurring jobs, such as customer contact details or maintenance and holiday schedules during which deliveries are not required. These properties are shown on the Recurring Jobs list and can be used to sort the grid.


5.Click Save to save your changes or Cancel to close the dialog box without saving.