Integrating with WorkPlan

Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™ is an application that helps you manage your jobs and related forms while you are in the field. If WorkPlan is also installed on your device, you can easily jump between WorkPlan and Navigation to help you navigate to jobs.

Accessing WorkPlan

From the main menu in Navigation, tap WorkPlan. This menu option is available only if WorkPlan is installed on your device.

Navigating to a Job

1.From WorkPlan, tap Jobs.
2.Locate the job in the list and select it.
3.Under the Options section, tap Navigate to Job.
4.Navigation opens and calculates a route from your current location to the job. Depending on your setting for Landing Page from External Apps (under Settings > General), Navigation launches directly into the navigation instructions (Guidance screen) or displays the Route Overview screen with the destination set to the job’s address.
5.From the Route Overview screen, tap to start the turn-by-turn directions to the job’s location. If the job’s location is associated with a marker that an administrator has set up, the Last Mile feature ensures that when you are approximately 400 meters from the destination the arrival notes are announced verbally.
6.When you arrive at the job, the message “Destination reached” is displayed, and the Last Mile feature ensures that the arrival notes are displayed on the lower part of the Arrival screen. If you tap the Exit icon , you are returned back to the Job screen within WorkPlan.

When you approach your final destination, the yard is highlighted in red on your map.
If a suggested access path has been created for the site, turn-by-turn directions guide you along the access path to your destination.
You can view arrival and departure notes in the route details that are displayed when you tap the List icon on the Guidance screen.
You can view  arrival and departure notes by tapping the job name and address entry on the WorkPlan > Jobs > Jobs Details screen.