View Units

When you click Go for a fleet on the Fleets tab with the View Units command selected, the Units tab lists all the units installed on vehicles in the selected fleet:

This tab shows the following information about each unit installed on a vehicle in the fleet:


The internal (system) ID of the unit installed on the vehicle.


The serial number of the GPS unit.


The name of the vehicle.


The IP address of the last point received.


Indicates the type of unit installed on the vehicle. This value can be:

G (Verizon Connect® GPRS unit)
W (Web base unit)
P (Portman unit)
L (TechnoCom LM unit)
A (Pinpoint unit)
E (Express unit)
N (PLS unit)


The timestamp of the last GPS signal received (in GMT time).


The timestamp of the last cellular communication from the device (in GMT time).


The internal (system) ID of the driver.


Indicates if the vehicle is due for scheduled maintenance.


The internal (system) ID of the last data point (report) received from the unit.

When troubleshooting, it is particularly useful to note the last GPS and last COM received. This information shows, for example, when a vehicle is reporting, but may not have a good GPS fix.

Click a column header to sort the list by the values in that column.

From this screen, you can drill down to see additional information about the reports from a particular vehicle.