When you click Go for a fleet on the Fleets tab with the GPS/IGN command selected, the Units tab lists a summary of the number of points (reports from a unit) that reflect certain GPS signal and ignition information for the current day for every vehicle in the fleet:

This tab shows the following information about each unit installed on a vehicle in the fleet:


The internal (system) ID of the unit installed on the vehicle.


The name of the vehicle.


The date summarized in this row (for this screen it is always the most recent day of information).


The date and time of the last report received from the unit.


The number of points where input 1 was on (high).


The number of points where input 2 was on (high).


The number of no service points. No service points can be caused by vehicle being out of cell coverage, a bad communications antenna, or an issue with the wireless carrier related to the sim or location of operation.


The number of points when the GPS was not signaling.


The number of points when the GPS signal quality was bad.


The number of points when the GPS signal was acceptable but not good.


The number of points when the GPS signal was good.


The number of points when the ignition was on.


The total number of points received.

On this screen, you can scan the fleet to see the quality of signals for every vehicle, as well as an overview of signals from the inputs and ignition.

Click a column header to sort the list by the values in that column.

If there is no data for a column on the day summarized, the value is shown as -1. Look at the lastcontact field to double check this. Typical reasons for no data include:

In maintenance
Lost power
Bad communication antenna causing unit to stop reporting
Cellular connection issue or hardware issue

From this screen, you can drill down to see additional information about the reports from a particular vehicle (Note that drilling down for GPS/IGN information provides the same information that you see on this page, but possibly for a longer time period.