How to Reassign a Vehicle or Driver to a Node

To change the node a vehicle or driver is assigned to:

1.From the Tasks section of the navigation bar choose Hierarchy. The Hierarchy screen opens.
2.Select the node that the vehicle or driver is currently assigned to.
3.Click Details panel > Vehicle or Driver tab to open the list of vehicles or drivers assigned to the node.
4.Locate the vehicle or driver in the list.
5.Drag-and-drop the vehicle or driver to a new node in the hierarchy tree. To select more than one vehicle or driver to drag-and-drop to a node, hold down the Ctrl or Shift key and click the rows with the left mouse button. Drag-and-drop the selection to a node in the hierarchy tree.
Depending on your account configuration, you may only be able to assign vehicles to nodes that have no child nodes. You can only assign drivers to nodes that have no child nodes.

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